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Duo Maxwell
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20th-Jun-2013 03:48 pm - To The Bullied And The Troll
Duo Maxwell Love
I don't understand this, I don't think I ever will understand the random anger or attempt at being a bully.
Online... I never will or heck even not online and to someones face? Though besides for the sad truth. Most people
who are MEAN to others. Have been already bullied and abused in their home life. Which also confuses me as well.
And comes back to that same Question. WHY CAN HUMANS BE SO CRUEL!??  Why do they feel the need to
Abuse children to the point they are rotten as well?

Granted NOT All children end up this way most children who come from abused homes can be very sweet and I know that so I can't
rope everyone in to that same category. I am just pointing out I know that it all can stem from having a terrible up bringing.

It just seems that in this day and age. Kids and Adults even can be very cruel its like why? All I ever hear is about kids being mean to each other...

Now there is some cases where kids are still rotten and have a good loving home but they get spoiled they are then turned into brats as well.

So I guess I am answering my own question as to why people can be so mean....

This thought really hit home to me yesterday when I kindly left a nice comment on some random person's Art Work saying I liked it and thought it was cute...
Then they come onto my site After blocking my comment as Spam. And Start calling me an ugly fat white pig and Americans are so fat cause they eat meat and
I should eat more veggies ... :o I am like what THE FUCK?

I was so Gob Smacked by that :O Like well Guess that is what I get for being nice? Is told I am a shitty assed ugly person who is stupid and yada yada and
Don't make them laugh about being Duo Maxwell... and called me Dork Maxwell *snorts in laughter*   Well :iconroymustangplz: ended up having
a battles of wits contest with this troll. :iconroymustangplz: won We blocked one of his accounts then he returned.

~curamix This is his trolling account he returned on to troll me more...

And don't leave nice comments on this account either.
~curamix666 This is the account I went to first and said my nice comment then he started in on all his hate full words to me for no other reason besides. He is a cruel and very sad person who clearly has
mental issues. I am not saying this to be mean. At all Its just what happens with people who feel they need to make themselves feel some kind of thrill or make themselves feel better. But Insulting Strangers
On the internet. I am just putting up these names to warn any other nice person who might see this persons art to be AWARE they might just come onto your Site and troll you if you happen to be
a bit over weight or they don't like something of yours.

I am trying to help other people ON DA as well so you don't have to Un wittingly run into getting mean and not true things said to you.... Cause you commented on his art :shrug: Don't put up art work if your going to just be a good for nothing pointless troll.

All those cruel things this person said to me fell upon Deaf Ears because. Of :iconroymustangplz: and :icontrowaplz: and my other many friends I have here on DA make feel not like a worthless ugly piece of shit.
I know its only because of my friends and Lovers who make me feel.
BEAUTIFUL  from the inside out that I am able to not let some one like this Troll bring me down I admit at first it did kind of hurt my feelings but its cause it was unjustified hate. Just Hating me for the sake of
hating.  So it did upset me.  Not cause I believed what they said to me more at the fact I did nothing wrong to deserve it.

I tried to be nice to this person even after they said all those mean things they just kept coming back with more and more rude and hateful comments to me every turn I took. That is when my Boyfriend
stepped in and started his conversations with him they were all pointless though this person never got anything and just kept being insulting right from the get go.  SO for warning when you comment on peoples
art work and you say nice things you may get a crazy Psycho troll on you.....

Really People who troll I know are typically 12 -13 years of age, I don't understand why kids even if they don't grow up in a bad home can STILL Just be SO mean!?... Why are kids so mean haha?
Like I know my Poor Little Brother always got picked on in School? And everywhere and Damn it I wish I could have been at school with him I'd have protected him from all those JERK ASSHOLES
who are little shits who think they were better then my brother just cause They Were little thin twig snapping rail shits GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. I hate Bullying.

One time I was at a Baseball game from my brother when he was like in 4th grade and this little fucking stupid ass kid shoved my bro off the base on purpous I stood up like HEYYYYYYYYYYY!! I know my bro shouldn't have been in the base line but still you don't go fucking    SHOVING SOMEONE ON THE GROUND. When I did that everyone looked at me lol. I am like don't be shoving my brother down >< My sister had to make me sit down I think. Still its like Boys seem to always get it the roughest in school I know some girls can too. But Boys always PICK ON EACH OTHER BULLY EACH OTHER.
God damn it people why are YOU SO MEAN!? To each other? I mean granted it seems we Graduate High school and a lot of people get out of their cruel stage if not we'd all be still fighting and crying and
Nobody would get along....

I mean I know I don't like telling other people what to do or how to live... But Really being mean is kind of a shitty way to go in life isn't life a bit to short to stay grumpy and be a pissy asshole and insult people?
All your life...

ALSO I have never been this mean to people. I can't even fathom being as cruel as some people have been I guess this is why I am asking?...... If I say or do something that SEEMS mean. I am not meaning to BE MEAN.

Sometimes though Honesty is never easy to swallow.  There is a difference between Honesty and Crulity... I know I am over weight that is the truth :shrug:  But I am Not Ugly. I know Who I am and that is
Duo Maxwell and Edward Elric and so on and so forth. SO no matter how mean or curel someone tries to be to me by trying to knock me down and give up on my Knowledge  that has bloomed in my mind and heart of who I am inside. It just won't work Cause I know what is true about me and what is not true...

So people can not believe me all they like and call me every Horrible name that is not true of me under the sun and it won't change the fact of who I know I am inside. :shrug: you can kill me beat me up throw me in jail put me in an insane house. Sucker Punch me... I'll still be Duo Maxwell and Edward Elric even if I may not have the memory of it in my mind. Its what matters with the soul the soul is unchanging no one can take that power and spark away from me in this mortal realm.

Anyways I know from my own personal experiences I get more out of life when I am kind and want to please other people, I feel Joy knowing I made someone smile or laugh. Or feel emotions in a positive light.
I don't go around trying to shove anything in anyones face. I don't want to force people into feeling anything I want them to flow along with me so to say. If they read my story or I do see a nice piece of art work that I deem worthy enough for a comment I give it in hopes it will encourage the person to want to do more art just as I want the same from others.

Life is so much more fun and easy going and cool and calm when you aren't a flat out dick to people sadly there will always be mean people. But I am not going to be so nice either and just let them run over me.
I will stand up for myself and what I know and have been told by the ones who love me, which are really the true words. I know They are honest and good because it is how I feel thanks to my lovers.
and Good friends I have been able to come out of the darkness I had once been lost in. To the point I was willing to just die at any given point...

So really for me these trivial children who pass through my website then give me insults, are nothing to me and fall upon deaf ears when your trying to hurt me or bring me down... I have already done enough
damage to myself more so then anyone else could ever hope to do. That is another reason why I am so strong haha. Cause there is nothing no one can say to me that I haven't already said.

I have been through so much in REAL LIFE away from The COMPUTER world and INTERNET world that mean words to me are nothing and just make me laugh. I know some people let cruel words of the  very depraved and lowself esteemed children who toss pointless text that will only give pain if you allow it but really its just empty text that means nothing.

There is Good Text and Bad Text I agree Words are powerful you can learn from them. And know which words you need to read and take to heart while some words are just words to not take heed. I know some people can't do that I just hope some who read this can take heart and know AND KNOW YOUR NOT UGLY OR FAT OR A USELESS WAIST OF SPACE YOU ARE A VERY AWESOME AND ONE OF A KIND PERSON

Even if its hard when the bully comes along, and it can sting and hurt, but just let it callous and take heed of my words I implore you please I say all of this because I wish only for the happyness and joy of others who may have been put through the same Bullshit I have been put through on DA. This is the only place I have ever been bullied and Your never going to bring me down because when a troll comes to "Troll Me"
There Heads beat against an even thicker FullMetall Wall that never crashes its just pointless and they soon see this and they laugh thinking its effecting me but all they hear is the echos of their Sorrowful souls screaming back at them from my Un Breakable Metal Walls.

I am not laughing at their misery I pity them. This is My Truth to the Troll to the Bully to someone who thinks they are a big bad tough monster. When to me your just like my 4 year old nephew wining and crying cause he is a spoiled baby who doesn't get his way once in awhile and starts crying and fussing and says very mean things. You know what he is a 4 year old baby I don't listen to a 4 year olds mean words cause he is a child. Those Who come on DA and say cruel things to me and troll me are not diffrent to me then a 4 year old throwing a hissy fit. :shrug:

I admit I can be immature at times myself but I never put my immaturity  off on strangers Art work or sites who I may not like :shrug: If I don't like you and your online I don't bother you :shrug: live your life
the way you want to live it, and leave me alone That is pretty much what I am saying if you don't leave me alone and tred into my little corner of the world and try to destroy me with TXT it just is a laugh to me.
HAHAHAHA. I meanI am not laughing at the poor soul who has issues Its just I laugh at the cruel words being said to me because it sounds like a 4 year old to me who needs a time out.

Its kind of sad how many  Supposed adults can still seem to be like that as well they have the ability to spell words and coordinate their fingers all they can think to process is cruel words. Its really not much of a feet and to me they stayed in the spoiled 4 year old mind set.

Anyways  I was wanting to write this Journal Entry since yesterday but I got busy with. WORKING OUT and Then Wrote the Last Chapter of my story of my FMA story... Then I drew my
Roy Mustang Guard of the Guardian Picture done... I drew a Stallion Alchemy picture.

Then I talked with :icontrowaplz: I cleaned the kitchen so I was a bit busy lol. I am glad I finally got this out though its a lot I just said but apparently it needed to be said. Or I'd not rest.

Well there we have it my rant on mean people I hope this helps some other people out this is all I want to do is help people, feel better,be better, and be happy ^_^. I know I can't do that for everyone
but if I do help just one person its awesome enough for me...

Alright I am going to go for now.
And start My Day.
Later On your Friends Always

:iconduoplz: and :iconedplz:

P.S. Here is A NIce Song as well called Invincible

[link]  Its a good one to help boost some mood. Which is another thing i am all for :)
14th-Mar-2013 04:37 pm - Dear Heero
Duo Chilling, Sunglasses


Dear Heero   April 20th After Colony 1910

Laying in my darkness, feeling numb though as I feel numb all the pain rushes through my being, through my soul. I shiver as I lay here on my side I am void of clothes though the darkness surrounds me I feel venerable to the judging eyes that I can see, they can’t really see me yet they ever stare. Ever their voice speak to my ear as cold pointless words that have no real meaning to me.

I shiver as I lay here with my black wings splayed out from my nude back, brown chestnut locks tumble down my back, like a wave falling over the cold black lake that my frame lay on. The lake was once a frozen white lake, now it has been turned to black from my tears, from my black blood that has been trickling from the place where my heart once was. In place of my heart is an empty void. Ever since the day I entrusted you with my heart. Foolishly I did this blindly little did I know that this would be a fatal mistake to ever trust another.

Now I lay here cold alone and helpless bleeding out I have been bleeding out for an age I do not know light. I do not know love all I know is to bleed out alone. I have not found a reason no reason has found me.

Long, long, long on, on, on, I lay here in a timeless room that will never be remembered I shall never be found. I shall always be laying here in hell to bleed out upon the ground. Ever on and on the blood rushes, ever on and on the blood gushes creating this black lake of forgotten love, of drowned and destroyed hope. Where Trust has sunk into the depths to never be seen again.

I cry a frozen tear drop that falls to the black lake to crack upon the surfaces to cause black diamonds to sprinkle over the lake making a clinking joyful sound in this none joyful place.

I am still breathing, I still look toward where the sky might be though in this utter darkness there is no horizon. My senses have been damped. Even thus my now dulled amethyst gaze still holds to the sky. As if there is a shadow, a hallowed haunting of what perhaps hope might be. Clinging on to your deep blue gaze that ever seems to look down on me through all the judging eyes I do not heed. Thee eyes are the only one I care to see, your judgment upon me is the only one I care to hear. Your face your voice is the only one that will save me. I shall stay here waiting tell the day you find me where I have been beaten and battered where I fought for you for us for our love, all I wanted was to be with you and happy forever.

You and I were stolen apart ripped away by time and age. By life time after life time through the swirling vortex in space. We have been separated my love yet I feel you always, watching over me with those big bright blue eyes. I hear you voice calling to me I have heard your words now for nearly and endless age.

The sound has driven me out of my mind I am lost without my other half I am one part of a whole when we are together we are the perfect whole. Tell then harmony about shall stay chaotic the earth will fade the stars will blow away….

Until the day we are allowed to be reunited once more.

Love Always

Duo Maxwell

14th-Mar-2013 04:24 pm - SasuNaru Rules Again
Duo Maxwell Love
Originally posted by duodeath02 at SasuNaru Rules Again

1. All Fan Fictions Submitted must be SasuNaru (Mean Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki)
Yaoi, ( Yaoi is  fan made up word for Gay or Boy Love)
2. Sexually Explicit SasuNaru Materially is allowed just make sure you LJ Cut http://www.livejournal.com/support/faq/75.html Here is the link
to learn how to do this.
3. No Yuri No Straight Fan Fictions Please this is just a SasukexNaruto Fan Fiction Site
4. NO trolls No Trolling
5. IF you don't like SasukexNaruto Then this is not the place for you I do not want to hear anything about how someone doesn't like it
cause this is a private group and I don't need to hear someones opinion on what they think should or should not be right with Sasuke and Naruto
In this Community it is a save place to come and write out my Sasuke and Naruto stories without it getting band hopefully....
6. YOU Must Join The Group to Post Stories.
7. Brush Your Teeth Before Bed.
8. Don't post SasuNaru Sexy Time on DeviantArt
9. Water is good for you
10. Coco Mocha  Lattele  are Fabulous

 This is all The Rules I Can Think up for now if more should come about I will put them up
Thank you.
21st-Jan-2013 05:24 pm - Heero Duo Just Got Married
Thought I'd share a wedding photo of Heero and I on our wedding day in After Colonly 7/22/198
20th-Jan-2013 11:31 pm - Dear Heero
Gundam Wing
I am Insane.

  Hi... Yes I am Insane, I guess I am the type that doesn't need to be put into a holding cell I am not
an Insane mensches to society just pretty much myself. Or I use to be a pretty bad danger to myself
last year It was pretty bad!..... So far I have been pretty good with suppressing my anger in this first month.

I may blow my top a few times but all n all I have chilled out, I almost left a rant on DA that Trowa would be able to see
but I thought better of it and deleted it cause I just needed to rant now I felt better then just took it off because
I know its not Trowa's fault he had to work and make money i am not blaming him I don't want to make him feel bad at all.
Then I'd just feel even shittyer So I am glad I was better then that and deleted what I bitched about. Still tomorrow is going to be fucking
boring, most of my days are like that anyways so what is the big difference in tomorrow going to be any different?

I Just hope for at least a few good hours I'll be able to entertain myself with writing, not let myself slump down into this horrible stuck depressed state.
That I have come to find myself is still in from time to time I don't feel like doing shit! Its hard to want to get up from some place once I sit down. I am just like
-_- I have been doing a good job of keeping my ass in gear its just Cohee will be going into work tomorrow at four he has already been gone for 2 nights or busy doing something.
-_- I keep talking about how i like being alone @_@. But really I just want some nice peace time to rp with Trowa with not many interruptions. We have gotten that many times
Its just tomorrow we won't be when we could and we can't cause of stupid money and working. *sighs* Ah well its how my life rolls ain't much I can really do about it now.

Thursay I was deathly sick I am still trying to recoup from that, I don't feel at the top of my game yet, I had puked nearly all night, ended up throwing up blood.
I know you have taken good care of me Heero I am grateful for that, I know you helped Quatre out as well so thank you Doctor Heero your my life savor and my
best friends life saver *huggles*

Anywhots I am going to go to sleep now ^_^ Since I have to wake up early to take the pup out tomrrow I'll probably just clean then lay in bed @_@ or watch Netflix. Which is like
my best friend these days! And my puppy and kitty ^_^ they make me happy!

Alrighty then Later on
Goes to cuddle Between Heero and Trowa
Duo *sleeps*
17th-Jan-2013 12:14 am - Yo What is Up
Duo Maxwell, Pretty

  Well its been what according to these left over comments for 2011!
Its been nearly half a year since I actually wrote anything in his journal... I think?
If THERE IS ANYONE still out here who reads my journal or stumbles upon it. Please
also fallow this link to the

DUOVERSE  Or my DuoSmexyMaxwell  Link to Devintart


If it won't link just copy and paste it into your web browser. XD if there is even anyone
who still checks out my site or account if not OH WELL guess this is just a stale mate account.

Anywas... WOW my stomach is killing me *grips tummy...* Maybe I should just go to bed or something.
*grunts!!!!!!!* Its Mostly likely Heero's fault probably could blame the Trowa on it too they can't seem
to get enough of me anymore. Its like we are humping like bunnies and producing just as fast. @_@
With having my 9th child on the way while..... OK never mind a bit to much information... Maybe?

I guess I'll never really know.
Or maybe I am having horrible Gas Pains! Most likely all of the above that I had just named!
Wish I was good with html I'd turn my txt back to normal easy reading txt not hard to read bright purple on
BLACK O_O not that I don't love both colors. But yeah.......

Well lets see what did I do today?

I woke up, took the puppy out for a walk fed her... Worked on my story edited posted it. On DA, Drew a Picture for
that story. OH and I got a lovely morning e-mail from Trowa. So I responded to that. :)

Took care of the children. Took the puppy for another walk. Made Cereal. Heero was right about that I had cereal I asked him earlyer what should I eat he named everything I was going to eat and knew it too O_O he is amazing!
Not really he just is a creepy stalker kind of guy who just watches me. Yeah Stalker who sleeps next to me.
<_< >_> ........  ^_^ But I love him :hug: Heero.... wonder if Icons work here?  :shrug:  :la:
Those were my test Icons to see....Anyways.

Then I played some video games @_@ After I cleaned the kitchen.

Also I would like to add it is bloody freaking COLD OUTSIDE OMG! BURRRRRRR.
I am always so glad to come back in from being outside from walking the dog.
Its like wow we thought it was cold in the house its much colder outside!

I hate how my left wrist gets to tired after playing Video games I just started up playing again like this week!

Oh yeah IN lovely awesome news! I have my own house now I live in my own HOUSE mwahahhahahaha! AH HAHAHA!!
OH YES No more annoying asshole land lords telling us NO PETS ALLOWED! We have pets in this house.
^_^ We have one little rat, his friend passed away last week it was sad I cried. We have a BUNNY HIS NAME IS
DUO ^_^ Duo B Bunny. My rat is a year and a half old. Duo B Bunny is not that old yet he is still a baby.

Then we have my cat Shay she is like 8 years old now @_@

Of course our new cute puppy Sophie she is 7 months old now. :) She is so adorable but she was driving me
crazy today, maybe its cause I was getting edgy from about to not be feeling very good....
Also it was annoying on my video game I was sooooo close to killing this stupid giant robot machien then BAM WAM
I died. I am like GRRRRRRRR! FUCK YOU! Then I fall face flat on my face on the sofa.... -__- Then my 30 pound puppy jumped on my back I am like -_- GET THE HELL off of me I am trying to be frustrated Grrrr......

Puppies are way to hard to stay mad at for to long though they are sooooooooo cute!

I watched Netflix made lunch that was pretty much the majority of my day. my hosts Boyfriend has to work from home
OH and in very sad news MY LAP TOP DIED so I have no personal computer I have to wait tell my hosts boyfriend is off work,
Or sleeping to ever get online or write. That drives me crazy.... I am like a computer addict so when I had to stare at the t.v. to long it just makes me want to write more stories that are fucked up about Heero and I and Trowa and Quatre cause its fun!

Weird I wonder why my left shoulder blade is going all numb...

Probably from when I was fighting to hard in my gundam I fought for like 5 hours straight my body is also like

I stayed up really late last night too writing my story, Heero had to drag me to bed @_@ since I stayed up so late I normally don't do that I normally just go to sleep with Trowa and Heero at the same time after I take the puppy out for one more WALK in the freezing night!

Whelp Goodnight Peace Love
Remember ONLY I can be a Heerosexual :P
Duo Maxwell Yuy Barton...
P.S. Yes Trowa and I are married now too ^_^

P.P.S. I didn't know I could change the font color tell now in 2013!

12th-Jan-2013 12:50 pm - Heero Duo Stroll At Sunset


Heero: Yes dear you used Photoshop very good! *pets kitty head* It looks nice Honey :kiss:
Duo: :blush: Holy COW Notify the media Heero actually Said something I did was NICE HOLY SHIT!!! :faint:
Heero: :facepalm:

Heero: As he lays there I just want to say that Duo looks sooooooo freaking cute as a Neko. :cuddle: I don't think that is an Icon oh well.
Even this picture makes me go AW and that is rare. I can't wait for this picture to entirely be true..... Erm um never mind
whatever. *isn't getting emtional silly Maxwell putting his little drawing infront of a sunset. *sniffles* OH K I didn't sniffle!

Alright I am done *picks passed out Duo takes him to bed* Poor Darling kitty boy. :kiss:

Duo: P.S. I love my shirt :la: :faint: *again in Heero's arms*

1st-Apr-2012 02:08 pm - Heerosexual
Well I guess its all clear and true now I have come to find out that I am Heerosexual.
I was talking with Trowa last night like normal he and I have gotten into the habbit
of talking nearly every single solitary day.... Which is awsome let me tell you I couldn't be more
happy to have someone I can talk with so much and always :)

Anyways I got a message from Heero yesterday I was feeling really energized and charged up.
I am like wow how is I get one message from Heero and I am like WEEEE *dances around* Like AHHH
Freak Out the song you know XD :) and Trowa is like cause your Heerosexual....

I am all like way to use my own terms against me I was like Holy Hell you are so right Trowa-kins!

Anyways I asked Trowa what do you think would happen if I called Heero Hee-Hee for a nickname.
He told me I'd be broken in half. I think he would be very right. I know. I know he'd be right....

a house for everyone to just come on over to and we will never get to relax its like what the hell
first my freakin bf has his friends come over for hours and they spend the night now
his folks are once again coming over... Its like why? What for haven't we seen each other
enough already We have seen each other like alllll week.

What more can we possibly have to say to one another? Really  I guess its not like I have to much else to do around
here anyways once again :) and relaxing and chilling out and having time to ourselves is
out of the question as well. And probably never was a question. I have to go with my BF for 3 hours
of fun fun Wrestling tonight. but I was invited to do that i am like well its better then sitting
around on my ass here at the house alone I guess. Maybe he'd get off my ass of sayin I don't do much.

Then again I don't think that will ever happen he'll never be happy with me. No matter what I do.

Anyways when I go to the game I'll have my cellphone with me maybe I'll be able to look at
my picture of Heero on my phones backgroun at least. Its why I am heerosexual
I think about Heero 24/7 and when I sleep when I eat. When I use the bathroom. When I wanna
hurt someone. when I am happy, when I am sad when I am annoyed. pretty much all
the time.

Anyways I hope I'll be able to get a job soon I feel like I have a lecture coming on from My Bf's friend
about jobs and what not that is if he isn't just wanting to watch the wrestling matches which I hope
he'll be more preoccupied with that then lecturing me. I never win I never get a break besides in my own mind
where I can relax with Heero in happy Heero La La land. ^_^ I like it there in Heero La La Land.

People always say I have my head in the clouds and in la la land or Heero Yuyville.

I guess i am just Heerosexual *shrugs* Oh well I like it that way anyways I am kind of rambling now and
feel very putt off cause there is never a moments peace at this house every single day this week since saturday
there has been someone here. I have  feeling it will never stop. So whatever I'll never be able to have peace
to write or read it appears cause of course the walls are paper thin.

Wow I am getting this over whelming feeling like I don't belong here again like I am the peice of the puzzle
in this reality that dose not fit at all. I am just hovering above this odd hole in the puzzle peice.

All this not staying still is over whelming me. then when my bf and I do have time alone all he dose is leacture me
and tell me how worthless or stupid I am and how I never listen to anything he says *sighs*

I guess I can't if I don't really understand the lango of this world Its english but I still guess I don't
understand or get the tones of voices. I guess I am just use to hearing

Heero's monatone voice and Trowa's so when there is actual volume and level in the voice
I think that my bf is upset when he is just loud or a really big natrual asshole.

Anyways I will always love Heero forever and ever, nothing will ever chance that inside my heart I know that.
Becuas Heero is the only one who understands me and holds me and can calm me down. No one in this world
has that ablity like Heero. I mean Alphonse calms Edward down excllently. and Trowa can make me feel pretty good but
he calms Quatre down.

Heero is my hiding place I feel safe and warm in his strong embrace, but i am his hiding place as well So I guess that makes
him Duosexual hahahhhahahahahaha eh hehehehe.

Anyways wow I am so rambling now not that I have anything else to do at present but oh well I just wanted to write that down and
vent of course I am good at that. I sometimes don't often know what to say or write I am glad I at least go to type something out again today.

So Woots Keeping my Heerosexual Pride Alive Since After Colonly 195
Later On
16th-Mar-2012 04:04 am - One Thing I Regret
Duo Maxwell Love

 Well I am alone again. I am always alone, though I am not alone.
GAH I hate this Journal background and txt its to bright and harsh on the eyes don't even know
why I bother speaking but I suppose its the only realse I can get cause I am not going to cut myself to make
my self bleed. SO this is my only way to vent out words. Into the cold facecless heartless
Internet That I have become hopelessly adcit too.

All it really has caused me is nothing but frustration and pain. Then I only return it to people who I really care about.
Well In all my 27 years of living I never thought I would regret anything. But I guess never say never because
I regret not beliving Heero. And hurting him like this. I thought I would be ok I tried to hide away but the reality of
where I am right now is where I am, I can keep shuting myself out of it and finding other ways to cope.
But Saddly all the rum is gone finally I am a lush. I have no other choice but to cope alone.

I Am Death and Death is alone, no one wants to cuddle to long with death as I always ruin everything I am gloomy
and depressing. I bring the rain I bring pain. I am a double edged sword being the God of death isn't always pleasent.

Anyways I just feel like I have really let myself down this time, I am allowing this regret to eat me up inside. I deserve to be eatten alive by my own regrets. By my own stupidy by my own pain. I have caused myself to go to hell.

I invited in hell pretty much, even if that wasn't what I was looking for I was looking for the one I loved I wanted them to find me. I guess this is what happens when the God of death seeks out LOVE ah hahahaha.

I shall never be allowed to have my true love I must suffer and be taunted and huanted by the voice of the one I love while being trapped in this disgusting fleshy prison. I can't even walk right in this shell. I tetter and totter. I almost fall over all the time or I'll stub my toe cause I can't walk right....

Anyways I guess I have been told i am to honset for my own good. Maybe its true but perhaps human kind are to stupid and closed minded to be able to handle the truth. Thus why they dube people withe diffrences as freaks or wrong. Cause the norm dosen't get it humans are just.... BLECH!

Anyways yes i am just needing vent even though I don't know what good it dose at all. I was left alone again to think I am always ALONE.

I am always being left alone. After the way I acted I deserve it. I can't believe I actually have a regret but its my fault my own fault.


whatever who gives a shit? Bah.

17th-Feb-2012 11:00 pm - 1x2 The Truth Laid out before you

There is so many things I could say to this group... I'd wonder if it would be taken seriously.
But perhaps the ones who actually created it really believed that Heero and I area
couple... When in the USA verstion it gets rather blurred out since this countray seemingly forogt that
the soul is genderless and will be attracted and love whatever the soul attatches too  or stays with for enos....

Well the 1x2 Unit has not been broken we out last time space the circel love.... Rings of promises we out last the oldest
star we are love encarnated any lover story you have read or sung about it tis us we are Heero and Duo the Love Muses.  Sorry if this picture pisses off non fans of 1x2 Yaoi Gay lovers boy boy forever. I tried to make it smaller but it wouldn't shrink :(

Anyways I hope our dear sweet fans enjoy this 1x2 picture I want to amuse you and say thank you.

Duo M Yuy 1x2 is right here if you want to know the truth just ask me :)
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