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Duo Maxwell
1x2 The Truth Laid out before you 
17th-Feb-2012 11:00 pm

There is so many things I could say to this group... I'd wonder if it would be taken seriously.
But perhaps the ones who actually created it really believed that Heero and I area
couple... When in the USA verstion it gets rather blurred out since this countray seemingly forogt that
the soul is genderless and will be attracted and love whatever the soul attatches too  or stays with for enos....

Well the 1x2 Unit has not been broken we out last time space the circel love.... Rings of promises we out last the oldest
star we are love encarnated any lover story you have read or sung about it tis us we are Heero and Duo the Love Muses.  Sorry if this picture pisses off non fans of 1x2 Yaoi Gay lovers boy boy forever. I tried to make it smaller but it wouldn't shrink :(

Anyways I hope our dear sweet fans enjoy this 1x2 picture I want to amuse you and say thank you.

Duo M Yuy 1x2 is right here if you want to know the truth just ask me :)
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