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Duo Maxwell
1st-Apr-2012 02:08 pm
Well I guess its all clear and true now I have come to find out that I am Heerosexual.
I was talking with Trowa last night like normal he and I have gotten into the habbit
of talking nearly every single solitary day.... Which is awsome let me tell you I couldn't be more
happy to have someone I can talk with so much and always :)

Anyways I got a message from Heero yesterday I was feeling really energized and charged up.
I am like wow how is I get one message from Heero and I am like WEEEE *dances around* Like AHHH
Freak Out the song you know XD :) and Trowa is like cause your Heerosexual....

I am all like way to use my own terms against me I was like Holy Hell you are so right Trowa-kins!

Anyways I asked Trowa what do you think would happen if I called Heero Hee-Hee for a nickname.
He told me I'd be broken in half. I think he would be very right. I know. I know he'd be right....

a house for everyone to just come on over to and we will never get to relax its like what the hell
first my freakin bf has his friends come over for hours and they spend the night now
his folks are once again coming over... Its like why? What for haven't we seen each other
enough already We have seen each other like alllll week.

What more can we possibly have to say to one another? Really  I guess its not like I have to much else to do around
here anyways once again :) and relaxing and chilling out and having time to ourselves is
out of the question as well. And probably never was a question. I have to go with my BF for 3 hours
of fun fun Wrestling tonight. but I was invited to do that i am like well its better then sitting
around on my ass here at the house alone I guess. Maybe he'd get off my ass of sayin I don't do much.

Then again I don't think that will ever happen he'll never be happy with me. No matter what I do.

Anyways when I go to the game I'll have my cellphone with me maybe I'll be able to look at
my picture of Heero on my phones backgroun at least. Its why I am heerosexual
I think about Heero 24/7 and when I sleep when I eat. When I use the bathroom. When I wanna
hurt someone. when I am happy, when I am sad when I am annoyed. pretty much all
the time.

Anyways I hope I'll be able to get a job soon I feel like I have a lecture coming on from My Bf's friend
about jobs and what not that is if he isn't just wanting to watch the wrestling matches which I hope
he'll be more preoccupied with that then lecturing me. I never win I never get a break besides in my own mind
where I can relax with Heero in happy Heero La La land. ^_^ I like it there in Heero La La Land.

People always say I have my head in the clouds and in la la land or Heero Yuyville.

I guess i am just Heerosexual *shrugs* Oh well I like it that way anyways I am kind of rambling now and
feel very putt off cause there is never a moments peace at this house every single day this week since saturday
there has been someone here. I have  feeling it will never stop. So whatever I'll never be able to have peace
to write or read it appears cause of course the walls are paper thin.

Wow I am getting this over whelming feeling like I don't belong here again like I am the peice of the puzzle
in this reality that dose not fit at all. I am just hovering above this odd hole in the puzzle peice.

All this not staying still is over whelming me. then when my bf and I do have time alone all he dose is leacture me
and tell me how worthless or stupid I am and how I never listen to anything he says *sighs*

I guess I can't if I don't really understand the lango of this world Its english but I still guess I don't
understand or get the tones of voices. I guess I am just use to hearing

Heero's monatone voice and Trowa's so when there is actual volume and level in the voice
I think that my bf is upset when he is just loud or a really big natrual asshole.

Anyways I will always love Heero forever and ever, nothing will ever chance that inside my heart I know that.
Becuas Heero is the only one who understands me and holds me and can calm me down. No one in this world
has that ablity like Heero. I mean Alphonse calms Edward down excllently. and Trowa can make me feel pretty good but
he calms Quatre down.

Heero is my hiding place I feel safe and warm in his strong embrace, but i am his hiding place as well So I guess that makes
him Duosexual hahahhhahahahahaha eh hehehehe.

Anyways wow I am so rambling now not that I have anything else to do at present but oh well I just wanted to write that down and
vent of course I am good at that. I sometimes don't often know what to say or write I am glad I at least go to type something out again today.

So Woots Keeping my Heerosexual Pride Alive Since After Colonly 195
Later On
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