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Duo Maxwell
Yo What is Up 
17th-Jan-2013 12:14 am
Duo Maxwell, Pretty

  Well its been what according to these left over comments for 2011!
Its been nearly half a year since I actually wrote anything in his journal... I think?
If THERE IS ANYONE still out here who reads my journal or stumbles upon it. Please
also fallow this link to the

DUOVERSE  Or my DuoSmexyMaxwell  Link to Devintart


If it won't link just copy and paste it into your web browser. XD if there is even anyone
who still checks out my site or account if not OH WELL guess this is just a stale mate account.

Anywas... WOW my stomach is killing me *grips tummy...* Maybe I should just go to bed or something.
*grunts!!!!!!!* Its Mostly likely Heero's fault probably could blame the Trowa on it too they can't seem
to get enough of me anymore. Its like we are humping like bunnies and producing just as fast. @_@
With having my 9th child on the way while..... OK never mind a bit to much information... Maybe?

I guess I'll never really know.
Or maybe I am having horrible Gas Pains! Most likely all of the above that I had just named!
Wish I was good with html I'd turn my txt back to normal easy reading txt not hard to read bright purple on
BLACK O_O not that I don't love both colors. But yeah.......

Well lets see what did I do today?

I woke up, took the puppy out for a walk fed her... Worked on my story edited posted it. On DA, Drew a Picture for
that story. OH and I got a lovely morning e-mail from Trowa. So I responded to that. :)

Took care of the children. Took the puppy for another walk. Made Cereal. Heero was right about that I had cereal I asked him earlyer what should I eat he named everything I was going to eat and knew it too O_O he is amazing!
Not really he just is a creepy stalker kind of guy who just watches me. Yeah Stalker who sleeps next to me.
<_< >_> ........  ^_^ But I love him :hug: Heero.... wonder if Icons work here?  :shrug:  :la:
Those were my test Icons to see....Anyways.

Then I played some video games @_@ After I cleaned the kitchen.

Also I would like to add it is bloody freaking COLD OUTSIDE OMG! BURRRRRRR.
I am always so glad to come back in from being outside from walking the dog.
Its like wow we thought it was cold in the house its much colder outside!

I hate how my left wrist gets to tired after playing Video games I just started up playing again like this week!

Oh yeah IN lovely awesome news! I have my own house now I live in my own HOUSE mwahahhahahaha! AH HAHAHA!!
OH YES No more annoying asshole land lords telling us NO PETS ALLOWED! We have pets in this house.
^_^ We have one little rat, his friend passed away last week it was sad I cried. We have a BUNNY HIS NAME IS
DUO ^_^ Duo B Bunny. My rat is a year and a half old. Duo B Bunny is not that old yet he is still a baby.

Then we have my cat Shay she is like 8 years old now @_@

Of course our new cute puppy Sophie she is 7 months old now. :) She is so adorable but she was driving me
crazy today, maybe its cause I was getting edgy from about to not be feeling very good....
Also it was annoying on my video game I was sooooo close to killing this stupid giant robot machien then BAM WAM
I died. I am like GRRRRRRRR! FUCK YOU! Then I fall face flat on my face on the sofa.... -__- Then my 30 pound puppy jumped on my back I am like -_- GET THE HELL off of me I am trying to be frustrated Grrrr......

Puppies are way to hard to stay mad at for to long though they are sooooooooo cute!

I watched Netflix made lunch that was pretty much the majority of my day. my hosts Boyfriend has to work from home
OH and in very sad news MY LAP TOP DIED so I have no personal computer I have to wait tell my hosts boyfriend is off work,
Or sleeping to ever get online or write. That drives me crazy.... I am like a computer addict so when I had to stare at the t.v. to long it just makes me want to write more stories that are fucked up about Heero and I and Trowa and Quatre cause its fun!

Weird I wonder why my left shoulder blade is going all numb...

Probably from when I was fighting to hard in my gundam I fought for like 5 hours straight my body is also like

I stayed up really late last night too writing my story, Heero had to drag me to bed @_@ since I stayed up so late I normally don't do that I normally just go to sleep with Trowa and Heero at the same time after I take the puppy out for one more WALK in the freezing night!

Whelp Goodnight Peace Love
Remember ONLY I can be a Heerosexual :P
Duo Maxwell Yuy Barton...
P.S. Yes Trowa and I are married now too ^_^

P.P.S. I didn't know I could change the font color tell now in 2013!

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