Duo Maxwell


20 April 1984
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POB: Colony L2
Age: 24 (now)
How tall am I: 5 foot 4 (YES I am a short man ^_^)
Full name: Duo Maxwell
Wight: 110 puny I know but I can still pack a good punch!
Eyes: Dark Blue/ Violet
Hair: Long Brownish red with some golden high lights
Husband: Heero Yuy

My best feature is my hair I like to keep it in a long braid so it stays out of my face. Heero loves it but I have had a braid ever since I can remember or since I was a kid. Before I came to the church of Maxwell I did not have it braided. I was only a kid I did not know how to do stuff like that. The sister tried to cut it but I made such a fuss that the Father let me keep it this way It has been ever since. I am very happy with this knowledge My braid is still my best feature.